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Hello, Your savegame data is tied to the game folder itself and it shoould be on your SD as well. Yes, but what is the NAME of the saved game file?

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Does it use the ". Does it use some other extension? Can u give me an example of the name of a saved game? If you don't know, is it possible to ask someone who does? Someone at Gameloft has to know what the doggone save file is named. Thx again tho, Nik, or anyone else who has figured it out.

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Then I cabled my evo to my puter in drive mode, and did a windows search in the gameloft sd folder for any files modified today. I got nada. Did same search for whole SD card, and got nothing again. Nothing related to gameloft.


There were no gameloft files showing that had today's time stamp on them, although I had just created and saved 2 new games with new characters. DH2 apparently saves game saves to some other place that I will prolly have to root my evo to see. But if u can find out any way to access them, Nik, or what the save game name is, to look for, i'd be grateful. Anyone else figure this out? I'd like to know as well because I just lost a level 30 wizard, now only my level 2 thief shows up and I cannot find the savegame files for either.

Wow that sux big walleys, kioshi. That's alot of work down the drain!

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I can't understand what all the secrecy is about. It's such a simple thing to ask, yet nobody seems to want to let me in on the big secret. Almost makes me regret buying the dang game. My Illusionist is only a lvl 21, but if i lost him, i'd be super peeved. I hope Nik figures out what i'm asking, and shares with us.

Ive been really amazed at the quality and craftsmanship that went into dH2, it's gorgeous and fun and has what may be the sweetest interface for any game of its kind, but support is kinda a big deal with me. Lack of it can really sour things fast.

C'mon Nik, whatcha got for me, eh? Dungeon Hunter 2 has the same look-and-feel of the original. And its story line isn't going to win any awards. But what it does do is improve the interface and overall gameplay of the original, and turns it into the best hack-n-slash on the iPad.

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The most improved area are the classes themselves. It still has the same three classes -- Warrior, Rogue, and Mage -- but each can now specialize in one of two different paths, which gives us a total of six different ways to play the game.

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Better yet, the skills have been revamped to be not so generic. Let's face it, the first one made it hard to look forward to becoming a high-level mage just so you can do damage with a firebolt instead of an electricity bolt. Now, you'll have plenty of cool skills and abilities.

Another major improvement is with the interface itself. It hasn't changed drastically -- you still have an on-screen movement pad and a set of buttons for abilities -- but the whole interface seems a bit smoother.