Symbian s60v3 bluetooth remote control

Mobile BT Remote for S60 and Symbian ^3 by Fastcode :: Symbian software @

See other things you can do with Bluetooth…. Therefore, it would work as described only when a presentation is already opened in Microsoft Powerpoint.

Vectir Bluetooth Remote Control - Nokia N8

Also compatible with OpenOffice. Other Notes: Some media player commands may not work as intended if you have some versions of Nero or WinAmp software installed. You can check this if you have a multimedia keyboard: Known Issues: This rare error can be solved by Restarting your PC and try again. With WMouseXP, you have wireless control of your powerpoint presentation in your hand! With WMouseXP, your mobile phone can be used as a wireless mouse: WMouseXP generates smooth cursor movement on PC, the cursor move speed increases as you hold the joystick down. When you have control of your mouse cursor, you have wireless control of your computer.

Best Apps for Nokia N8 & Belle smartphones

This mouse is entirely hand-held. You can use WMouseXP on your sofa, your bed, from your kitchen, virtually anywhere in the Bluetooth range - this is normally up to ten meters away!

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Feel sleepy? Yes, that sounds nice. Just use WMouseXP to make all this happen. Please visit http: View the discussion thread. Toggle navigation ClearEvo. Home Support About. What does this app do? This new feature is available on Android, BlackBerry Mouse control from your phone.

Uniquely easy to setup. Easy to use!

WMouseXP Bluetooth Presentation Remote Control Software

Install Now! Easy 3-Step-Setup: Connect failed? Connected Successfully? Now, Open a Powerpoint Presentation on your computer… … and remote-control the slides from phone! Press 3 if touch-sreen: Press 2 for the previous slide.

Bluetooth Remote Control v5.20

Use the joystick if touch-screen: Press 1 if touch-screen: Press 5 if touh-screen: Tap the button to start the presentation. Soon after that, many of them installed Mobilewitch Bluetooth Remote Control, a freeware Java application that allows you to remotely control your PC you could never guess from the app name: Setting up is relatively easy: Now you have to transfer MWRemoteCtrl.

You can send this file via USB cable, or preferably, via bluetooth. You do need to have a bluetooth adapter to get this thing to work. Install the. You may skip this step, by try not to. Scroll down till you get to Connectivity:. This will remove the extremely annoying nag screen that normally shows up on application launch. Exit the Application Manager and turn on the bluetooth on your phone! Click on image to enlarge. You are now connected to your computer via bluetooth. My discovery: Java informs that MIDlet developer should be contacted.

What can be done, if anything? I would like to ask about this application when i start the application on the computer which i assume is the server it gives me an error..

Exception Occured, Make sure bluetooth adapter is connected, Please restart Exception decription: Did anyone fix it? Please tell me how. Also provides much better Winamp compatibility compared to the others.


The jar file installs in my phone lg pop but when I lunch it on my phone it stops loading and says file type not supported my phone is listed as supported? Could you please help me with that. Sir I am getting this problem please helpp i really want this software please can any one help me. I have downloaded and installed the file as instructed by you. But i am not able to do any controlling using my mobile. Its also displaying client connected but in the screen of the mobile handset its always displaying Connecting… please help me to rectify the problem.

Thank you so much sir! Its working.. Its very easy to use on a nokia simple java phone also. I shall be very thank ful to u.. You are great.. You are commenting using your WordPress.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Themes Tips and tutorials Symbian basics Uncategorized. Scroll down till you get to Connectivity: Now you can choose how will you control your PC: