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Does anyone know of a way to dump all my Palm OS data contacts, calendar, and notepad data from my Tungsten E2 to. Thanks, y'all Raymond in Athens Go Dawgs! If you're asking for technical help, please be sure to include all your system info, including operating system, model number, and any other specifics related to the problem.

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Also please exercise your best judgment when posting in the forums--revealing personal information such as your e-mail address, telephone number, and address is not recommended. In reply to: Transferring Palm OS data to a smartphone. I have the same problem; I want to transfer my data from my Palm Treo to my new iPhone 3Gs Someone have a suggestion how do it? Thanks, y'all Fernando Parodi. Transferring Palm OS data to a smartpfone. Sync it to gmail, gcal, yahoo, outlook getting the idea yet? The usual two step. That sound so easy, but I am still having problems with it.

I have gotten the contacts and calendar set up for Google, but can not transfer from OS to Ipod. Seems others have the same problem. I noted a two step process. This rarely works to never works. I just went from my Treo to an iphone. Was given the iphone 2 yrs ago but never spent the time to figure how to transfer my contacts, etc.

Finally went to palmone site and downloaded the latest Palm Desktop and synch manager. Synched my iphone to the palm desktop, then changed the conduit in the synch manager to outlook, synched my Treo again, and all my info was now in outlook from my treo. Went into Itunes and checked the outlook boxes, synched my iphone, and everything from my treo was now on the iphone. I have come to really like the iphone after the initial learning period.

Click on Handheld Overwrites Desktop and then click on the Change button. Click Done on the next screen to exit the Custom settings. This action will be for one hotsync only and will allow Palm Desktop to transfer your data onto the empty Centro. If you intend to use both devices , the new Username will be required.

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You can locate the C: Then you would want to change to action of Hotsync Manager as I described previously in order to get the data into the new device. This can be tricky sometimes. Then put the SD card into your new Centro and Restore entire device using NVBackup, effectively cloning the new phone from your old one. You would then Hotsync the new device after putting the info into it via NVBackup; changing the Conduit action would not be necessary because it would copy the data from your new Centro into Palm Desktop for the new Username.

Post any questions if you don't understand something, preferably before you take any action. Hotsync and confirm that your data has transferred. Let us know if either of these methods worked. Here's a thread where someone else restored a new Centro from an old one because the old phone was dying.

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BackupMan is a paid backup app which is no longer available for purchase, the reason that I didn't mention it. Last edited: May 23, Thanks but no luck. I can not find the customize setting in my hotsync to set the direction of teh sync. I am currently running desktop 6. I know nothing about Palm Desktop 6. Have hope; the Memorial Day holiday weekend is long but there should be helpers returning during the week. I have a devil of a time helping her sometimes; WinXP Pro is much easier for stuff like this. May 29, My palm centro keyboard is on the fritz, I got a new unit off eBay, and plan on transferring the data from the old to the new tomorrow when I'm on my work computer.

I do not plan to use the old unit afterwards. I have two questions. If I sync my old phone one last time, then plug in the new phone and hit the sync button, will it automatically transfer all of my data from the desktop to the new phone? Or do I have to do the right-click step you outlined above?

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I can't tell if that's something I need to do only if I intend to use the old unit again, which I do not. Secondly, I have on my old phone DbFixit I think it's called , to delete calendar blobs.

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Will this program automatically transfer to the new phone as well upon sync? Thank you for your help!

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I am new to this site. Sincerely, Daniel. Hi Daniel, Welcome to Brighthand! The easiest way to get everything over would be to do a backup with NVBackup Download here: NVBackup will make a complete backup of your phone that you can then restore to the new one, and it will be exactly the same. But as long as they're the same in that regard, you can have the 'exact same Palm' running again in a matter of minutes.

RickAgresta , lelisa13p and hal like this. Thank you, Andrew! Once I download NVBackup, will there be anything specific I need to do to move the backed up data onto the new unit, or do I just download NVBackup, sync my old phone, then sync my new phone, easy as that? It is a Verizon Centro to a Verizon Centro, by the way. Download the. You want the download link in the line "Looking for the latest version?