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Though worldwide sales of Lumia phones have grown in recent quarters, at 5. Earlier this week chief executive Stephen Elop launched a series of new products running Nokia's "Asha" software , which gives it some smartphone-like capability, priced in the lower and mid-tier range to protect its position in emerging markets such as India and China.

However Nokia itself doesn't class Asha phones as smartphones, and the new models don't have 3G data capability. Topics Nokia. Mobile phones Smartphones news. Reuse this content. Order by newest oldest recommendations.

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Show 25 25 50 All. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. Loading comments… Trouble loading? Most popular. In which universe the N9 had 6 months on the market? Its official release date is September http: The release was followed by a huge number of complains from people not being able to get it all over the interwebs throughout the whole October read the news from NWC, Oct, and read the complaints in the comments from people not being able to get it.

That lasted 'til at least mid November after which the sales chain stabilized. And it beat the Lumia sales at least 2: From the sounds of it, people who want the N9 are buying the N9. They walk into the shop and say, "Sell me a Nokia N9. Conversely, somebody walks into the shop and says, "Hi!

I'm thinking of buying a smartphone and I hear good things about the Nokia Lumia Did I say that out loud? Then why aren't they walking into the shop and saying "Sell me a Nokia Lumia , dammit! Why not the same level of determination for a WP7 phone? The N9 could not have been hamstrung much more than the way Nokia handled it. Anyone in the market for it knows up front that Nokia shot their MeeGo efforts in the head, all of Nokia's positive efforts are behind WP7 now, and yet people are claiming N9 is outperforming their WP7 and no one seems to be challenging that assertion.

A device running a confirmed dead-end platform as far as you are concerned should never ever perform better than your flagship endeavors. It's nothing to do with return rates. Sales staff make commissions on selling androids and iPhones but not on WP7. Well then - the answer is pretty simple. Then they will get a presumably better phone, and Microsoft will gain precious market share. I just have a little trouble buying that one though. I've dealt with enough Windows products over the years that I just don't want anything with that brand any more.

I suspect a lot of other people feel the same way. So the tendency to try to sell phones they think will sell probably has some truth in it. For good or bad, Windows has a reput. I used to sell phones and special phone commissions, known as spiffs when I was selling, can indeed vary from phone to phone and carrier to carrier. The thing is you used to get a percentage of the retail price of the phone and you also got a special spiff that was independent of the price.

Sell 10 phones a day and you did pretty good. Sometimes the spiffs were linked to all phones for a specific carrier and sometimes specific models though probably still paid by the carrier. I have no idea what the rates are like now, but it is absolutely plausible that iPhones and Android phones could be more attractive to sales people than Windows Phones if there are specific model spiffs in play.

I thought I made it clear that I have no idea what exactly goes on right now. I just said that it's not a far-fetched notion. In my day I saw plenty of spiffs targeted toward specific models. Actually, Microsoft gets more on patent revenue for every Android phone sold than they make on Windows phones: They'd be better off, financially anyway, by losing sales to their competitor. However, you do have a point about their inability to force vendors to sell their software for every piece of hardware.

It's a business model they don't have any experience with and they appear incapable of getting any market penetration as a result. That's not what that link says. Technically, Nokia Lumia isn't yet on sale in the US. And in Europe, Limua phones are heavily promoted - in my area ads for these phones are everywhere, on TV, billboards, radio and mobile phone stores.

This is sad because even with this insane amount of promotion they're still having trouble selling the thing. While the review comments on the LG and other phones are more typical bitching and griping about how the phone quit working because the screen broke when the user dropped it Meaning that WP users tend to be well educated, know what they want, and have the sense to write about things that matter?

Or, maybe, it's all a giant marketing operation, which also explains the absence of drooling idiots and fanbois who come out of the woodwork whenever Android is discussed. On certain business-oriented Finnish web sites I've noticed an odd pattern of posters who claim the Lumia phones are 'the best phone ever' and who attack any negative commenters on WP7 as "liars" etc. The pattern reeks very much of a deliberate marketing campaign either by Nokia's marketing department or desperate stock holders trying to cash out before the wheels come off.

I wouldn't be surprised if something similar was happening on English language web sites as well. They must have more business sense than Elop? We'll see who's still in business next year, ye olde cellphone shoppe or Nokia. Exact details of Windows Phone sales numbers are being covered up by both Microsoft and Nokia, who refuse to state specifics. Must be extremely bad if its coverup time.

Even the Zune figures weren't kept this well buried. As The Register points out, sales staff 'want their commission,' and tend to only show phones they think might sell. Those salespersons know something about those phones that "burning platform" Elop does not. WP7 on Nokia does not sell. Interestingly, if the Nokia N9 had been available in all markets, it might have sold almost 5M units and pushed Nokia into profitability. I noticed last week in a big electronics store in Germany, that N9s were now on sale there. Originally, they were not sold here.

It will be interesting to see if this starts to spread to other markets. In other news, The Pope found to be Catholic. Also, bears found to defecate in the woods.

Nokia Pureview - The Only Megapixel Belle in Town -

The dutch wanna-be tech site tweakers. MS market share on the mobile market has always been and continues to be laughable but being outsold by a Linux phone that has no marketting and isn't available in the west? That is just beyond sad, it might even be time for shareholders to start questioning if Nokia is upholding its duty as a publicly traded company to maximize shareholder value.

Missing from this story is that MS is funding Nokia for quite a lot of money, I believe it came down to about or so dollars per sold MS phone IS they actually sold 1 million million subsidy. Some MS fanboys already admit that 7 and 7. The sad part is that MS doing so badly isn't helping the market any, competion is good for the customer and right now there just isn't any from MS. Elop should just be fired by the shareholders, how can you claim with a straight face that your phone doesn't sell through the fault of the shops when the phone you won't put in the shops outsells it by a gigantic margin?

If any Nokia shares are still in private hands, I would be highly suprised if this story won't have a tail shares owned by MS and MS friends don't count of course. If the shareholders are really going to fire Elop, they should first fire the Board that hand-selected him. Perhaps the shareholders that did "get it" decided to leave in droves and never come back [1] NOK [google.

Android is FREE. Phone makers are free to customize it and do whatever they want with it, they just have the replace the Google apps with something else and call it something other than Android like droid for example. Who needs a dozen different solutions when you have one that anyone can take and customize? Windows Phone isn't needed and IMO will likely never take off. The salesmen don't sell it because it's got a huge return rate more than half come back , and Nokia has no one to blame but the Board of.

Remember Windows Mobile? It powered several nice smartphones, especially models from HTC. Those sold very very well up until the iPhone took over. Did salesmen require bribes to sell those? Actually, there is some quite compelling argument for this issue. Since long before Nokia started selling WP7, it's been extremely widely reported by customers [wptattletale.

Yes, you read that right - the salespeople actively refused to sell the customer a product that the customer asked for by name. The most common reason, apparently, is actually the same Windows Mobile you mention. Compared to moder. From what I've seen of the reviews, WP is a pretty good OS, and the Lumia phones are being sold at pretty competitive prices with lots of marketing behind them. So, now MS and Nokia are fishing around for explanations for why they aren't selling to consumers.

The answer is the MS brand. After years of pushing crap on users, using nasty and anti-consumer tactics to fight their competitors, and trying to harm the Internet, MS is a tarnished consumer brand - surprise, surprise. Obviously, I think this is fair, but I also think it is fair that consumers and the industry re-evaulate brands.

MS has been much better behaved in recent years e. It's alot of stuff, brand being one of them. Tomi Ahonen has a really detailed analysis of lumia's failure, much of which is abandoning Nokia's way of doing things and alot of it is about wp being utter crap and Elop handling things catastrophically. Suing TomTom over ridiculous patents is not better behavior, especially since the only reason to use the technology in the first place is to interact with their OS and its ill-gained market dominance.

I sold audio equipment for a couple of years and one of the first things I got to learn was to always give the customer TWO options.

Compare specs

Unless the customer seemed unhappy with both choices, introducing a third option would only make the buying decision harder often resulting in a "need to go home and think about it"-response. This of course combined with lazy salespersons who doesn't feel they need to learn anything more than they absolutely need to close a deal.

This isn't exactly news to people in sales. Anyone trying to enter as a "third option" will have an extemely tough time trying to break through in the market, even if their product is better in many aspects. And as with any golden "rule of thumb" within sales, there is of course a shitload of exceptions, but I doubt the smartphone market is one of them. It has seamless Skype and SIP integration, so you can type in a number and choose which service to use from a drop-down box, all from the standard interface. The UI looks great and is very smooth.

Application development is really nice, since it's all based on Qt. And you can imagine how neat it is to run Linux on a phone, and use apt-get to install stuff. I have no problem with Nokia making Windows phones. But cancelling Meego was madness from a business perspective. Elop killed an amazing product, and what is in my opinion the best mobile OS out there, for both consumers and developers.

It's nice OS, even if it's lacking apps in particular, no Skype Good point. Someone should set up a meeting between MS and the company that owns Skype and see if they can't work something out. Not about the phone, I've never heard of it. The TV ads are absolutely terrible. One is a father and son both on laptops, the son gets dad to help with division on his computer which you'd expect to be easy on a computer [wolframalpha.

He then groovies up his powerpoint presentation with noise, wallpaper, and 3D extruded text and graphs. Compare this to the elegant and elitist Mac ads. They make you think that one becomes stylish and cool with lots of good-looking friends of all races with perfect smiles.

This is proper marketing. Mac is much better at it than MS. I have a feeling that Microsoft have been mistaken branding everything they do "Windows something". People generally run Windows not because they like Windows they curse it, generally but because they have to have it to run the apps they want. If that driver isn't there, people run a mile from anything branded Windows, because they see Windows as dull and a source of discomfort from their experience on the PC.

Microsoft Apps coming to Nokia Symbian Belle smartphones

Android and iOS don't have that baggage. Also, there will be a lot of negative baggage from memories of the old Winmo devices. Non-technical people don't realise that Windows Phone 7 is actually a different platform, they see the name "Windows", and remember what WinMo and WinCE pronounced wince was like.

Also you'll get the folks who see "Ah, Windows, therefore it'll run suchandsuch an app for my PC too", then find that Windows Phone is actually completely different to Windows on the PC and is incompatible, and get disapointed. Note that Apple didn't call the iPhone OS "OSX", even though they share a codebase - it got called something completely different, thus avoiding confusion and avoid having disappointed nontechnical people who think their Mac software can run on their iPhone or iPad.

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In short, I think Microsoft should have invented a different name that's not Windows for their phones to break all the negative associations people have with Windows dull, something I use only for work, etc. But then again, we've seen Microsoft try to be cool in the past and it was painful to watch Zune. Actually, wp7 is based on wince 6.

To make wp7 you start with winmo, remove all the GUI stuff, port silverlight, and build a new gui in that. MS were short on time and couldn't make a whole new phone. By reusing as much of winmo as they could kernel plus drivers plus some userland stuff they were able to get to market sooner. Nothing new. I've only used Windows Phone in demo settings and I've been underwhelmed enough; its trying to be iOS in terms of "experience" and popularity but doesn't want to totally let go of the customization of Android.

It seems like everything Windows Phone is doing, someone else is doing better unless you're just totally enamored with Microsoft products. I can see when Windows 8 gets here there will be a lot more convergence between Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8. That said, I'm as pissed as any here about MS cash infusion and installed puppet diverting or just plain firing so many good Linux and QT developers while calling for an end to Maemo and MeeGo development. My old N here sits beside me and it probably doesn't have much life left. When I purchased it, I was looking forward to Harmattan and MeeGo to be installed upon it, followed by my next phone being one of a handful of high-end MeeGo devices.

From what we see regarding the N9, this was certainly on target - it doesn't surprise me that people are going out of their way to find one despite Nokia's attempt to hide them in the mud, so to speak. Now, imagine if this happened a few years back as it would have done so without MS meddling in Nokia's affairs, and I'm guessing that MeeGo 7 or 8 by now could easily be one of the major, well known mobile operating systems, where it is just second nature to develop your app for iOS, Android, and MeeGo.

I have to admit that the lack of "normal" apps affected me with the N - when MMORPGs made their mobile authenticators, they didn't consider porting them to Maemo platforms. However, it was looking that MeeGo would have no problem running Android applications, especially at the beginning of its presence before it was popular enough for big-name application developers to add MeeGo to its list of must-launch-upon mobile OSes.

Microsoft's cash flow gives them the ability to basically throw money at a sinking ship if it is in their best interest to do so to sink other, more vulnerable ships. They can afford to subsidize every Windows Phone sold if it means killing MeeGo and putting the world's biggest phone manufacturer under their thumb while, as they may have planned trying to get Windows Phones to market cheaper than everyone else. Unfortunately, people just aren't excited enough about Windows Phone which seems to be "meh" in every way so they're not taking the bait.

While I'll never buy a Windows Phone just because of what they did to MeeGo, they're finding that even Joe Mobile doesn't want their product. I'm guessing that in time, if they can't manage to bring out some killer new feature with Win8 and WinPhone8 on the magnitude of "Your Phone is now an Xbox! Install to disk on your home console and its uploaded to the Live Cloud, so you can play on your Windows Phone 8!

Supports built in connections for 4 X controllers and voice with or without headset! Phone camera is Kinect-compliant on every WinPhone 8! Want to play on the big screen? Just use the included HDMI cable! All for free with your XLive subscription! Yes, I use Windows on my desktop PC,on my laptop and will buy an UMPC with Windows, but this is so that I would have consistency among them whatever I can run on my desktop, I can run on my laptop or the UMPC, but slower - no need to look for new software that does the same and has the same data formats as the software on my desktop.

My last phone was a Nokia XPress Music The only reason I binned it was because, after 4 years, the screen cracked and began cutting out or losing backlighting. I was shocked at how few Nokia phones there were on show, either in the "Pay as you go" or Contract sections of the stores I went to about 6 to find the best prices. If there were any Nokias they were relegated to the "Other makers" section, alongside makers. This is in the UK btw, and the O2 store in particular had probably two Nokia handsets in total.

The had more Sagem handsets than Nokia. Not to besmirch Sagem, I have owned TWO sagems out of 5 phones I've owned since , the first was actually my first phone, and was fine. Simple, but fine.

The second got wedged between the inside and the outside of a car and refused to work afterwards but was a good phone while it lasted. Frankly, Nokia had a good thing making phones that were phones. Their attempts to break into the Smartphone market have been schizophrenic at best. Maemo, Meego Which was an evolution of Maemo and Symbian 3. Now they're making Windows phones and, while I don't think anyone doubts that it's a capable OS if not the best, I don't think anyone will say it's unusable , and requires only marketing and visibility to sell, I don't think Nokia realise that the name "Nokia" is no longer synonymous with "Good Phone", and hasn't been for some time.

And the reason is plainly one thing: They were late to the party and they brought more drink while everyone was already sozzled and sleeping comfortably with their poison of choice. They need to refocus to survive. Maybe in a few years a gap will open up when the next big tech leap comes out. Bide their time and come back stronger. N9 doesn't run Symbian. It runs Harmattan, which is a transitional system between Maemo and Meego. It's Linux based. From the userspace it looks a lot like a normal Linux system, though the N was much better in that respect. The very same thing goes for mobile phones.

It doesn't suprise me the least that N9 sales are better. It runs Symbian. I can't say what amuses me more: There may be more comments in this discussion. Without JavaScript enabled, you might want to turn on Classic Discussion System in your preferences instead. Mathematics deals exclusively with the relations of concepts to each other without consideration of their relation to experience. Check out Slashdot on Minds!

Migrate from GitHub to SourceForge quickly and easily with this tool. An anonymous reader writes "Steven Elop of Nokia has placed some of the blame for the struggles of Windows Phone on mobile phone shops — for not pushing it. Exact details of Windows Phone sales numbers are being covered up by both Microsoft and Nokia, who refuse to state specifics ; sales figures to operators are stated at one million, but the majority of those seem to be unsold to consumers, and neither Microsoft nor Nokia will give numbers on activations.

The best available numbers seem to be maximum Lumia sales estimates from Tomi Ahonen , a former Nokia Executive and the only analyst to correctly predict Nokia's market share fall for the end of Nokia's Lumia sold around , phones in again, including the large portion in warehouses. One of the worst signs for WP8 is that Nokia's N9 — despite being crippled without marketing, and often selling at full price compared to the almost fully subsidized Lumia phones — is selling better than Nokia's Windows phones, with 1.

This discussion has been archived. No new comments can be posted. More Login. Share twitter facebook linkedin. The phones don't sell because they run WP7. Nokia sold its remaining soul to MSFT in exchange for continued existence. Prolonging the inevitable doesn't make it any less inevitable. Parent Share twitter facebook linkedin. To be fair, and just in case you didn't know, WinPhone 7 is very, very heavily rewritten from the WinMo days of yore. Not that I'd ever voluntarily touch one myself. Well, to counter your anecdotal evidence with more anecdotal evidence, I haven't found any bugs or weirdness with my Windows Phone.

Get back to us when you manage to turn it on. Err, yes, it's stuff like this that has led us to mock windows for decades now. Are you sure that's a Windows Phone? I ask because, as far as updates go, there hasn't been that many nor a need for any. Sure, a few apps have updated themselves here and there -- mostly games -- but nothing serious. The Titan shipped with 7. You mean to say that "my iPad crashes constantly" doesn't mean that the iPad crashes? No, Microsoft Exchange. That's why the Blackberries were so damn popular, and that's why Windows Phones exist. It's makes for a seamless connection between my phone and my Exchange servers.

My contact list is my Exchange contact list. My email is my Exchange email and a few more. My calendar is my Exchange Calendar. My to do list is my Exchange Task List. It's really quite cool. NCENT writes: Who's fucking who? Hope you're right. I am not a Nokia fanboy They've had 5 years to catch up. In short, Nokia is dea. If only they would push our crap Or hate us. Which ever, we'd have more money. True stories Score: People have been so fed of this that made a site with horror stories listed on a map. MS marketing dept. Matter writes: There have been anecdotal stories of sales staff that have refused to even sell WP7 phones to people that walk in looking for one.

They will try to push an android isntead. Fine fanboy Score: Also, how does webshop push you to another phone then the one you are searching for? Possibly because practically nobody wants WP7 phones? This was the GP's point. The MultiBen Phone Score: I invented my own mobile device. It is fully awesome. I blame its lack of success on the fact that no-one would agree to manufacture it.