Call of duty zombies app walkthrough

Only 2 weapons can be held at once not including grenades or melee weapons — when a weapon is bought it will replace the one currently held.

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Zombies Guide

Be careful, opening new areas of the map also gives zombies new entrances in which to enter the level. Zombies become a threat by breaking through barriers and climbing into the same rooms as the player, approach a broken barrier and repair it to slow down the next wave of zombies — repairing barriers also earns points.


A special switch that restores power to the level can be found on each map, restoring power opens up new areas and features in the map - finding and activating this switch is an important factor in gaining a high score. Active mystery boxes can be opened for a price as soon as they are found, mystery boxes will award the player with a random weapon — often powerful weapons can be found that are not available on the walls as chalk outlines. Any standard weapon in the game regardless if it was bought from a chalk outline or obtained from a mystery box can be upgraded by inserting it into a Pack-a-Punch machine.

Upgraded weapons are powerful and an important factor in surviving for longer and earning higher scores. On occasion a mystery box may contain a teddy bear instead of a weapon, if a teddy bear is found the mystery box will vanish and re-appear elsewhere in the map — players need to locate the mystery box if they intend to continue using it.

Traps can only be used once power has been restored to the level, once activated traps can kill nearby enemies, some traps can also harm players so be careful not get caught in them yourself! Sometimes enemies will drop bonus pickups after they are killed; collecting these pickups will award players with a temporary bonus:.

Tutorial (Black Ops Zombies)

All points gained are doubled for a limited time. All enemies will die from a single hit for a limited time. Replenishes ammunition in all held weapons. Automatically repairs all damaged barricades in the current map. For a limited time mystery boxes will appear all around the map.

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The cost of all mystery boxes and traps is also reduced. In last stand mode, you can crawl slowly and use a pistol to defend yourself, co-op partners can help you back to your feet but will be vulnerable during the revival process — if you remain in last stand for too long you will eventually die. Perks are bought from the various Perk-A-Cola machines found around each map, power must be restored before Perk-A-Cola machines can be used except Quick-Revive in single player. Perks award the player with special abilities which last until the player is knocked down or killed.

Enables the use of last stand in single player, enables quicker team-mate revives in co-operative multiplayer. Negates damage received from falling long distances and being too close to explosive blasts.

Game Walkthroughs

During the course of game play treasure will appear in the environment, collecting treasure earns score but also contributes to increasing your score multiplier. The score multiplier begins at x1, once enough treasure is collected it will increment to x2 effectively doubling all points that you earn — larger score multipliers make it easier to earn points and also extra lives.

The largest score multiplier that can be earned is x9 — the multiplier is reset when you lose a life. Activating a tactical bomb will immediately destroy all enemies in the environment, tactical bombs are best saved until many enemies are on-screen. Activating a speed boost will quickly boost the player across the screen killing any enemies in their path, speed boosts are best used when the player finds themselves surrounded or in a tight spot.

Many bonus pickups are available in Dead Ops, pickups come in many different forms and equip the player with short term weapons or aids — pickups need to be used regularly and effectively to succeed in Dead Ops Arcade:. Automatic shot gun with wide fire arc.

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World at War: Main Groups: Peter's Grave. Sekhmet's Vigor.

Electro-Shock Defenses TranZit: Cyber's Avengening: Zombie Head. Dead Ops Arcade Locations: Retrieved from " https: Cancel Save.

Dinner is cancelled! How to keep Call of Duty's zombies from eating your brain

Nacht Der Untoten Call of Duty: Zombies , Edward Richtofen. Playable Characters. Non-Playable Characters.

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  • There are two separate campaigns split across three maps.
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