Hp 48g emulator for symbian

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x48 (HP48 S/SX/G/GX Emulator)

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How to install a free HP48 emulator

Project Samples. Project Activity. Save Time NOW. Additional Project Details Report inappropriate content. For x resolution or higher. Also converts the translate code 3 characters. Useful for faster text data transfer with Emu PDF documentation.


Windows console-mode emulate for an RPN-style calculator. It adds some custom date arithmetic functions. Source code available upon request. Its color scheme is very easy on the eyes and its overall look is very in keeping with that of a real HP 48GX. It's based upon Casey's GX II by Casey Patterson, but with a lot of improvements, including improving the graphics, the keyboard support, and making the beeps work. A lot of attention has been paid to the little, and not so little, details. By Casey Patterson and Jamie Redford. Jaselpeich Skin 1. New KML for Emu48, using all keys.

Has no bright colors and uses icons to simplify the interface. Works best at x, but also works at x KML script for Emu48 at x or higher resolution.

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It gives a slightly more realistic appearance to Emu KML 2. Updated KML scripts for Emu48 1. Intended to patch existing scripts, so the images are not included and must be downloaded separately. Bitmaps not included; they can be downloaded separately. LIFLS 0. Loki 3. Supports binary math and fraction math, as well as basic unit operations. Based on Freyja. Two KML scripts for Emu They are really nice horizontal versions of Jemac's GX that work on an x screen, with glowing buttons and more.

MC Squared incorporates many productivity enhancing features that are not normally found on calculators, whether hardware or software. The unique "Engineering" display and entry modes allow the user to enter numbers and view results the way you would write them. VB runtime files required; if needed, obtain from SimTel. Effective key-bindings, adjustable LCD contrast, pressed keys turn red, touchscreen. An attractively designed horizontal KML script for Emu48 with a 4X screen for x or higher resolution.

It isn't as user-friendly as it could be, but it's definitely worth a look. Command line tool to create Emu42 state files allowing a very flexible memory layout for testing purpose.

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Includes source code. MyRPL 1. Nonpareil 0. This is the source code distribution for Linux and other Unix-like systems. Nonpareil for Windows 0. This contains binaries for Windows. Skins for Emu Only the LCD area of the calculator is shown. Buttons are implemented in the annunciator area. Touchscreen, 1x2x4xZoom. Realistic colors. Power48 for PalmOS 4. Power48 is based on Emu48, and is also an open-source product.

For PalmOS 4. Power48 for PalmOS 5. For PalmOS 5. Power48 Manual 1. ROM files for use with the Power48 emulator. Psion48 1. Psion48 2. PSPX48 1. Collection of skins bitmaps and associated KML scripts for Emu42 1.

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All versions include custom icons, are intended for x resolution or higher, and were designed to look as real as possible, including support for a borderless window for a virtual floating calculator. Collection of skins bitmaps and associated KML scripts for Emu48 1. Includes small, medium, and large versions for all calculators, as well as custom icons.

All were designed to look as real as possible, including support for a borderless window for a virtual floating calculator. ROM Upload 1. ROMDump Wizard 1.

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Very easy to use and very fast ROM dumping program. RPN Calculator is a reverse polish notation programmable calculator for science and engineering. It supports well over functions and 11 data types real, integer, variable, vector, matrix, list, program, unit, complex, string, and tag. The stack, variables, and programs can be saved and reloaded. The number of levels of stack that can be used is virtually unlimited. If the number of levels in the stack exceeds the display, you can scroll up or down to see more.

Includes detailed documentation in Texinfo, PostScript, and Info formats. Although it's not as powerful as Emu48 for Windows, it's the first step towards a powerful emulator running on Unix systems. Sim41 3. Sim48 2.

You need Emu42 V1. SKN42S 1. Does not need a ROM dump. Big screen KML script for Emu48 1. Based on Jemac's 48GX and for x resolution or higher. V41 9. V41 Source Code 9. Source code for the freeware emulator of the HP for Windows. Help Create Join Login. Resources Blog Articles Deals. Menu Help Create Join Login. Home Browse Search Results Results for: Open Source Commercial. German 1 Greek 1 Japanese 1 Korean 1 Thai 1. Perl 1 Python 1. Mature 1. Freshness Freshness Recently updated 3. Save Time NOW. News for Nerds, Stuff that Matters Check out Slashdot, the leading technology news and discussion site on the web.

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