Samsung galaxy s3 voice recognition not working

Tried Brixby, doesn't work, states "An error has occured, Im unable to answer your question, try again later". Does this everytime. Doesn't work on notifications such as trying to set a reminder or an alarm. Won't even work on speech to text for replying to text mesages, after the speak now it states "Voice input unavailable". Voice command has never worked.

I suspect it maybe a software issue, but not sure but was reading some threads on this forum as people had the same issues with the S3 Frontier. I don't know if others are having the same issue with the newer Galaxy Watch or if mine is a isolated fault as i can't find any threads in relation to the newer models.

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This should have been resolved if the problems were present with the Gear S3 watches. Any solutions before I decide the return the watch. Having paid the full retail price and only had it for a day, I expect it to function properly. Go to Solution. After alot of trial and error with alot of apps, I've found the culprit.

This was casuing the voice command not to be working. After disabling this app, the voice command is now working again.

Tried setting Bixby up but hangs on telling me to say Hi Bixby. Before Bixby can start assisting you right from your wrist, you need to set it up.

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From the watch's Home screen, navigate to Bixby. Next, follow the on-screen prompts to learn how to use Bixby on your watch. Most of the changes have to do with option placement, and terminology.

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Tap "Apps". If you have your settings in "Tab View", you will find "Apps" on the "General" tab. You should now see the word "Downloaded" near the top of your screen 4. Check that box. I'm so confuse I have a samsung galaxy s4 thru us cellular and I have the new update and I still can't find the mic button. Thanks for this tip everyone!

I got my mic back on Samsung Keyboard. Now to get my emojis back Thank you so much for helping me get mic icon back. I am Linn Mrs. I have the Galaxy Express 3 and when im on google hangouts and i try to make a call are video call it says i have to turn on microphone are turn on cam.

Turn off voice on galaxy S3, can't navigate menus - VisiHow

I can i fix this problem?????? Post a Comment Hi the insiders, Thanks for coming and I hope you can get something useful here. Before submitting your comment to ask about an issue, please make sure to provide information as much as possible at least write your model number and Android version and describe the problem clearly. The last, if you have a question and can't find the relevant article, please feel free to reach me through the Contact us page. I'll be more than happy to reply the email and answer the question: Samsung Galaxy S3: By Rehan October 25, Because the Samsung Galaxy SIII is not equipped with a physical keyboard, that's why Samsung has included a virtual keyboard inside it that will help your writing activities, such as when you compose a text message or email.

This keyboard allows you to enter letters, numbers, characters and symbols. See also: How to Use the Virtual Keyboard on Samsung Galaxy S3 In addition to manually typing using the virtual keyboard, you can also use the voice dictation feature available on this phone that will allow your phone to translate your voice into text when composing a text messages or email.

All you need to do is tapping the Mic key on the keyboard to start voice dictation. Sounds easy, right? But, there are some users said that they have no mic icon on their keyboard and have no idea how to get it back. Well, if you're experiencing the same problem with them, better you check the steps below. How to get back the mic button in the keyboard?

To solve no mic button on your keyboard issue, kindly do as follows: Open the app that use the keyboard, such as Messaging app. Tap in the Enter text field to display the keyboard. Tap and hold the Settings icon on your keyboard until you see a pop-up menu appears. Without releasing your finger, swipe your finger to the Mic icon. Now, you have a mic icon on your keyboard.

How to activate “OK Google” voice command on Samsung Galaxy

By knowing the steps, now you can Easily put the mic icon on your virtual keyboard and use it to perform voice dictation. So, hope this helps: Labels of this post: Fix How to Keyboard Messaging S3. Linda Hodgkiss 7 February at Rehan 6 March at Frank Cook 7 October at Rehan 7 October at Lili 23 April at Rehan 24 April at Hailey Servaty 6 May at Rehan 6 May at Anotherlook 11 July at Rehan 11 July at Dawnise Kennedy 11 September at Donna Rountree 7 April at That's my Opinion. What's your's? Andrea Elizabeth 10 April at Rehan 10 April at Rehan 15 April at Unknown 12 October at ZeeDot 24 June at Rehan 25 June at Donna Chesley 27 January at Rehan 28 January at Patti Gillihan 1 July at Rehan 1 July at Unknown 3 April at Unknown 8 July at Rehan 8 July at Capt Ron 19 August at Amber Sweet 23 October at Rehan 23 October at You'll need to repeat the voice command four times so the Samsung Galaxy S3 can accurately learn the word.

The phone will tell you when it has accepted all four attempts by displaying a Done button. These commands are also very useful if you have the device in a dock on your desktop with the screen on, but locked. Do you think the voice commands from the lock screen are useful? Do you think there are more options that should be included? Let us know in the comments! How to set up Google's two-step verification: With a few minutes of setup time, your account will be much more secure.

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