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There's no need to pay if you don't need to do this more than once. First, you need to gain physical access to the target Android phone.

Without this, you can't install the app without knowing the login credentials for the user's Google account. If you do manage to hack the user's Google account info, you can install the app to the device from the Play Store online, but that doesn't change the fact that you will need to have access to the unlocked phone for future steps, like for logging into your Cerberus account. If you don't have the user's Google credentials handy, you'll need to gain physical access to the device and unlock it. Let's take a look at a couple of scenarios that could help in both gaining access and unlocking:.

Assuming those options didn't work, you'll need to establish whether or not they have a lock on their phone and, if so, what kind. If it's a password or PIN, be diligent, and over time, remember and write it down. If the target is using a pattern, do the same, but you don't necessarily have to get it perfect as you can try several different variations pretty quickly. You can also analyze the screen smudges under a bright light, then line them up with the dots that appear for the pattern lock. If the target is using a facial recognition lock, then you can attempt to hold up some kind of image of them and see if it'll unlock the device.

The easiest way is to simply go to their Facebook account on your device and hold it up to the phone. However, this won't work if the device is using 3D facial recognition.

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In that case, or if they're using a fingerprint lock, then you're best served by trying to social engineer them into giving you their phone unlocked. Here are two more examples of how you might do that:. Other than that, you're left with the tried-and-true classics of grabbing their phone while they're in the shower or asleep.

Either way, once you have physical access to an unlocked device, you're ready to move on to the next step. Quickly, open the Google Play Store, and search for " Cerberus anti theft ," then press "install" and wait a few seconds while it downloads the roughly 6 MB file. Next, tap "Open," then "Grant permissions," and tap "Allow" seven times.

Top 5 Apps for Android to Find Lost Phone

These are the permissions that will allow you to do things like tracking the device remotely, so it's very important that you allow them all. With that done, skip over "Battery optimization" — you can do that later. Right now, you're attempting to get all the necessary things done as quickly as possible so that if you suddenly lose access to the phone, the app will still work.

Tap "Modify system settings," switch the toggle to "On," then press "Finish. The first time doing this, you need to create a Cerberus account. As far as I know, this is the only way to create a Cerberus account, so it's good to do this on your own Android device so you can skip this during an actual attack. Also, choose a unique password. You might even want to make an email just for the purpose of using Cerberus, although that might be a little overkill, but still good OPSEC.

If you're going to use Cerberus on both your phone and a target's phone, remember to buy a license which supports at least two devices. Unfortunately, the seven-day free trial only supports one device. You don't want to be this far into hacking someone's phone and realize you forgot to do that. When doing this on the target's device, just sign into your existing Cerberus account. If the target's device offers to save the password, don't do it. There's no need to make things easy for the target. You'll be taken to the main Cerberus Main configuration page. Scroll down until you see the Device administration heading.

Just under it, tap "Status: Disabled," then "Activate" on the pop-up screen. This will give you the power to do things like erase data and change the lock screen so they can't ever lock you out of the phone again. Next, check the box next to "Protect device admin.

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While you're on the Main configuration page, scroll down and tap either "Back up your files to Dropbox" or "Back up your files to Google" and link the account you want to use to steal the target's data. Keep scrolling and make sure all the boxes under "Remote wipe" and "Location history" are checked. And that's all you need to do for the bare bones of this attack.

You'll be able to do the things most people are interested in like tracking the phone.

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However, it will be blatantly obvious to the target when you do so as they will receive a notification. In the next few steps, we will look at how to hide the signs. It's pretty straightforward to hide Cerberus notifications on Android. Long-press the Cerberus app icon on the home screen or in the app drawer, tap "App info," then tap "Notifications" and switch off "Show notifications. Doing this will prevent the target from receiving any notifications when you perform Cerberus actions such as location tracking.

Once you've done that, the app is pretty stealth — most people aren't going to notice one more app buried in their app folder, particularly with the number of bloatware apps there are on phones these days. If there's a shortcut on the home screen for some reason, tap-and-hold on it, then drag it up to "Remove" it.

While you have the "App info" open, go ahead and tap on "Data usage," then toggle on "Unrestricted data usage. Changing these two settings will ensure that you're able to exfiltrate large amounts of data such as images and files with ease. Also, it guarantees data restrictions and battery optimization won't ever give you problems. It is free for the first week. Create an account and add devices to it. Set up security questions and additional details. Remotely control the devices in the account. If the device is lost then try the remote control function to lock the device firstly.

‎Cerberus: Your Data Safe on the App Store

Activate the GPS and other functions in the lost device remotely. Track down the details by using the app website.

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Find My Phone is a top class android app which is having high level security and anti theft features. By using this app it is very easy to track down the devices irrespective of which of the platform they belong to. In this app it is very easy to install and it offers in app purchases so that many extra features are unlocked. It has a navigational feature as this use the GPS of the stolen phone and it can be easily found out and tracked.

Learn how to use it:. Install the app from the Google play store. This app is about 10 MB in size. It is free to try for a month and after that upgrade is required. Provide security details for the protection of the phone. Provide the cell number of the iPhone which is needed to be tracked. It wills send a message for approval and accept this. As soon as the message is approved the user will be able to track and locate iPhone and even in case of misplaced or lost condition. Find My friends is a social app which also provides anti theft functions. This app helps to identify the friends and their devices by using the additional app features.

The devices and phones which are to be tracked should be added to the list in this app. This app uses GPS technology in the devices to give the exact location of the devices. It is a social one and it is very easy and useful for anti theft purposes. Various devices such as iPhone can be easily tracked down. If your friend's iPhone is lost or misplaced, you can try this app. Create an account. It is free to use of month and later needs upgrading later.

Add the devices of friends to our list and send approval message to them. If they accept your approval message then they are added to the list. If the device like iPhone is lost which is linked to the account then you'll be able to locate the position of the lost iPhone through the app. This is yet another powerful android application which can be easily used to track down android device, iPhone devices. The anti theft feature of this app is so strong.

You will be to locate iPhone and make it scream and tones in louder voices in order to increase the chance to find it. You need to create an account in this app and add the iPhone and other devices into it. Authentication will be asked in iPhone in order to link it with the app account in the android device. After this you will be able to track the phone if the phone is lost or misplaced.

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  5. Check out how to use this app. Download the app to android device from Google play store. Set up the antitheft account and add devices to the account.

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    Authentication is required for adding devices. If iPhone is lost, then firstly track it using the app. If you just misplace you're the iPhone, then find it in the place shown on the app. If the iPhone is lost, you should remotely lock and wipe it. With all these Find Lost Phone apps, it is safe to say that your Android can basically rival an iPhone in tracking and finding lost Android phones.

    A good news for Android users, isn't it? But it may be a problem as to which one to choose. The best way is to try them one by one and find out the most proper app, such as which one has easy operations and which one is cost-effective. In this situation, you definitely require a powerful Android manager to help you bulk install and uninstall apps from the PC, quickly display apps of different types, and share to another phone.

    Guess what? Its name is dr. Root your Android devices by yourself at home to customize your device and enjoy more. Transfer contacts, SMS, photos, music, video, and more between your Android devices and computers.