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Connect to a Bluetooth Device To connect with a Bluetooth device, Bluetooth must first be turned ON and make sure it is in discoverable mode or visible. Open the Notification Panel by swiping from the top of the screen to the bottom, and then touch the Bluetooth icon. When Bluetooth is ON, the icon will appear green. Your device will scan and display available nearby Bluetooth devices. Touch the name of the device you want to connect to.

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If you are connecting to an older Bluetooth device, you may be asked for a PIN. The default PIN for many devices is four zeros— Some devices have PINs specific to the device. Touch SCAN to refresh the available device list to search for more available devices nearby. Share Content Many of the applications on your device let you share content via Bluetooth technology. The other device will need to accept the transfer request. Receive Content 1. Unpair Devices 1. Touch Unpair to finish unpairing. Yes No. Thank you for your feedback! Please answer all questions.

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Connect to a Bluetooth Device

How-to-Videos Watch and learn how to get the most out of your Samsung products! Show More. Online Shop info. Face-to-face support. Hold down one of the buttons, and you rewind or fast-forward through the song. As you hold, the speed of rewind or fast-forward accelerates. Move the slider to go to a specific location in the song. To make the slider appear or disappear, tap the picture of the album. Song and album information. From here, you can tap any other song to play it. The Galaxy S II music player normally plays the songs in your playlist or album in order, from first to last. Tap it again to stop the shuffle.

Tap the loop button , and it plays the current song endlessly from beginning to end, from beginning to end, from beginning to…you get the idea. When you tap it, the A in the loop button turns into a 1. Tap it again, and it plays the current album or playlist continuously. Tap the button again to turn looping off. Other buttons. See Sound Effects and the Equalizer for details about how to choose different sound modes. Want even more music controls and features? Add to quick list. This adds the current song to the quick list playlist. Via Bluetooth. This lets you share the song via Bluetooth see Bluetooth Earpieces.

Share music via. Add to playlist. Tap this to add the song to any playlist.

Galaxy Tab S2: How do I use the Bluetooth feature on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2? | Samsung Support CA

Lets you change many settings, such as for sound effects, turning on an equalizer, what appears on the music menu, and so on. For more details about sound effects and the equalizer, see the next section. This lets you find out details about the current song, including its title, a biography of the musician, and information about the album. An equalizer changes the emphasis given to certain parts of a piece of music—emphasizing bass, treble, or voice, for example.

On the Galaxy S II, the equalizer settings are self-explanatory, and for specific types of music: Pop, Rock, Jazz, Dance, and so on.

What is the Dual Audio feature?

Just pick the kind of music you listen to, and the Galaxy S II changes the settings so that music sounds best. Fiddle around with it until you come up with a sound you like. Sound Effect. From here you even further customize your sound—make it sound like a music hall, for example, or give it an extra bass oomph.

Tap this option and select the sound effect you want. To add the song to your current playlist or an existing playlist, tap the playlist to which you want to add it.

How to connect Samsung Galaxy S2 via USB to car stereo

To create a new playlist and add this song to it, tap Create playlist, type a name for the playlist, and then tap Save. The playlist then appears in the Playlist area. A menu appears that lets you remove the song from the playlist it still stays in the Music app, but is removed from the playlist , share the song, or add it to another playlist. There are also many apps that play streaming music to your Galaxy S II, but everyone seems to love Pandora. Find it by searching for Pandora in the Market.

Open the Music app, start the music, and then feel free to use other apps and features. The music keeps playing. While music is playing, a small button appears in the Notification bar. To head to the music player, tap the picture of the album. Even when your phone is locked, if you were listening to music before the Galaxy S II locked itself, it keeps playing. You can pause and play music, as well as skip to the next song or go back to a previous song, without having to unlock the Galaxy S II.

You can also look for this logo on packaging or documentation: Set up your Galaxy S II as described in this section, and then follow the information that appears onscreen. Or you can play music and video from a computer on your Galaxy S II. You may run into difficulties, because the DLNA devices to which you connect each have a different set of rules, capabilities, and features. DLNA is still very much on the bleeding edge, so you may not always be able to get it to work.

To use it, you need to first install the software on your PC or Mac whichever computer houses your music collection. You then tell the software to upload the music to the cloud.