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Till then, Ciao! Share Tags: I am trying to install google chrome on my windows 8 phone, using the above green download link.

It appears to be downloading something but it has taken one hour so far, how long is it supposed to take? It is an online standalone Installer. It depends on the speed of your network and the server to determine how much time it takes. I cannot get google chrom on my windows phone 8 not cool I love my phone it used to do everything grrr. I tried downloading it but its not downloading chrome but something else from the app store its downloading google.

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Free Download Google Chrome for Windows Phone (8, 8.1, 10):

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Google Chrome for Windows Phone 8, 8. The biggest reason why Windows Phone failed was the lack of apps. Especially the most renowned ones from Google like the YouTube app. This trend continued with Windows 10 PCs as well. Till date, Google has published only one app in the Windows app store — the Google app. However, it might just be the case where Google could be in the phase of deprecating this one as well. However, the app is still published and can be installed and works without any issues.

How to: Install Android Apps on a Windows 10 Mobile device

Now this happens right when the Google app stopped working on Windows Phones. This makes it quite inevitable that Google app for Windows 10 could be taken down at any point. No, you cannot. Chrome has not been ported to Windows Phone in fact it hasn't been ported to iOS either. Google Chrome so far has been really ported to only one mobile platform, Android.

This is a legal problem rather than a technical problem. Apple simply won't publish any apps that downloads and runs executable code. I also have taken a quick look at Windows Phone Store Application Provider Agreement but it doesn't seem to have a similar clause to Apple. Also Chrome might actually be available on Windows Phone in future as support for Windows Phone is according to this link currently under investigation.

If all you want is Chrome synchronization on Windows Phone you may use Chrync. Well, there is no such a restriction with browsers on Windows Phone. UC Browser is quite nice choice for example. But since there is no Chrome on Windows Store, the answer is no.

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Unless you want to search for some custom app which is available somewhere in the web, but you're going to need developer unlocked phone for that. As per the latest news Google Chrome could soon be available to install on Windows Phone smartphones. Google chrome may be available for Windows Phone 8.

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