Downloading pictures from my samsung galaxy s3

Part 1. How to Transfer Photos from Samsung to Mac in 1 Click

My mother has no mobile data on her plan and I need to do this via wifi and this article says to disable wifi. The Probable Cause of the Problem in Downloading Pictures From the Galaxy S3 SMS App If you happened to be experiencing this problem, do not worry because this is usually linked to a wrong configuration in your phone or poor network connection in your area. Perfect, worked first time and everything downloaded. You are a star.

Many thanks. If the micro USB port is non-functional, two other options exist for transferring photos to your computer.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Can’t Download Photos Sent Through Text Message

Most modern computers have one or more ports on the computer. Without one, an adapter can add a USB port to your computer although this is rarely needed. This immediately bridges the gap between your phone and computer. The connection on the phone will trigger a prompt. Open your control panel on the computer and you should see the phone. Choose the media file to open all media.

How to enter Download Mode on the Samsung Galaxy S3

This includes songs and other downloads. All photo and video files from your camera are stored under the DCIM file. Copy the entire folder or individual photos. Paste to the desired folder on your computer. An easy option is saving your photos to a cloud account.

How to Transfer Photos from a Galaxy S3 to a Computer | Your Business

Google Drive and Dropbox are both common cloud options and each has a free plan for minimal storage needs. You can setup an automatic backup to store all files on the cloud so they are never lost. This saves your files even when the phone is physically damaged or lost. Step 5 of 9 Press Connect storage to PC. Step 6 of 9 Press OK. Step 7 of 9 Start a file manager on your computer.

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Step 8 of 9 Go to the required folder in the file system of your computer or mobile phone. Step 9 of 9 Highlight a file and move or copy it to the required location. Connect your mobile phone and computer. Transfer files. Was this helpful?

Move Pictures / Videos from Device - Samsung Galaxy S® III mini

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