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The duckies are often floating in soap bubbles or trapped under the tub by items. The items in the tub all behave differently.


For instance, bars of soap can be pushed aside. Air bubbles have enough structural integrity to hold up other items, but can be popped simply by being hit by the shark. Bath salts maintain solid structure until they hit the water, at which point they simply dissolve. New items are introduced quite often, and you must learn how each one operates.

The real challenge of the game is beating each level within a certain number of moves.

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Each level has a title card, telling you the recommended number of moves to complete the level. Often this requires a bit of strategy. Each level is laid out so that if you shoot your shark in a certain way, it will set off a chain reaction that gets you all the ducks.

Once you move further into the game, it becomes even more challenging with the addition of more sharks.

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The graphics are reminiscent of a game you may find on the Wii. It is a free game , and they have clearly tightened up the gameplay when compared with previous versions. It still has lastability problems because of the sheer amount of repetitive play, but the developers have clearly packed the game with extras and power-ups in an attempt to keep it interesting for long-term players.

It is more a game for casual gamers when all is said and done. It does have a playful charm to it, even if it does become repetitive rather quickly. Still, it is a free game where the power-ups are not mandatory in order to complete it, so you have no excuse but to download it today.

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  • Shark Dash Goes Free On iOS And Android To Help Celebrate Shark Week, Promote Conservation.
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What do you think about Hungry Shark World? Do you recommend it? View full description. PROS Playing it like a sandbox game makes it easier The graphics are colorful and interesting Oddly fulfilling killing the humans.

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  5. CONS Some of the missions are very difficult It can get very repetitive if you are not purposefully challenging yourself Progression up to larger sizes feels like a grind. Softonic review If you are aware of the Hungry Shark series, then you will know the basic premise of Hungry Shark World is to eat and chew your way through the sea while you get bigger and bigger. The bigger you get, the bigger your prey Advertisement.

    Blood and gore and more The sound seems to have improved over its predecessors.

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    Minecraft - Pocket Edition Experience the mining, creating and surviving game in your pocket. Grand Theft Auto: Download Hungry Shark World 1.