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Pawn structure: This means that you need to make sure to what pawn structure you want to commit and not naively reduce your choices of expansion or defense.

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That's why the English opening is so powerful: Other example, in sharp Sicilian positions, an experienced player on the black side knows not to impulsively move either the h,g and f pawns impulsively to fend off white's push, instead you have to wait until you really have to play h6,h5, g6 and so on these are very tempting defensive moves when white is coming at you with all they have, which is the case in sharp Sicilian lines.

The sooner you commit, say to g6, the earlier you've created an unamenable target weakness for your opponent to aim for. To showcase, here's a beautiful game by Kasparov black vs Adams: Nf3 d6 3.

The 8 Best Chess Apps

Nxd4 Nf6 5. Nc3 a6 6. Be3 e6 7. Be2 Qc7 8. Qd2 b5 9. O-O-O b4 Kb1 Rb8 Rdg1 Ba8 Bg5 Be5 Nb3 Nxc2 Ka2 Qxc5 Na4 Nc2 Kb1 Qa3 Notice Kasparov's king-side pawns until the end ; Anyways, the list goes on of course and by no means should you take the above points as complete, but hopefully they do give you some pointers and I have to stop at some point: Phonon Phonon 5, 13 I will install the indicated apps. I read your suggestions. My ELO is approx. For example, why you choose that game and not another. For me all games are more or less equal. Why Adams took the pawm instead of, lets say, moving a knight..

That is just a pure temperamental decision for saying "i am aggresive"?

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Why white didnt took the knight in 22?. I must say I don't really understand where you're getting with this. Sure, whatever humans play will involve emotional or as you say temperamental decision making, that's only human nature and not inherent to chess. In fact, all the talk about chess principles aside, at the very top level specially, it all comes down to keeping your objectivity about the game during your calculations and being as precise as you can be with your moves, unlike games like poker, classical chess is about objective precision more than ever before. The fact that chess has to be played with an objective mindset is..

With this in mind, I tend to disagree with you, on why Kasparov took on c2 on move Chess is problem solving at its best, you can close your eyes, completely unaware of whom it is you're facing, be it a young amateur player or the world champion, and you can still produce a good game, it suffices that you have a rough understanding of what the game is about.

One fundamental and continuous part of your improvement in chess will have to do with calculations, both in terms of speed and precision. Working on it should be your top priority. I leave you with a relevant quote from Ellis D. From old books i got the impression of a "very temperamental" chess game.

ON those books, the strategies are depicted very non-rationally, like expecting to bluff the opponent at some point with "some" aggresive moves often marked with the! Clearly that is not correct. I though that distinction was about the "combinatorial" vs "positional" game. You can find, and challenge players online for a quick game. Your stats are built with every game and you can see your growth. When you start the game, you are given a random board where you have the advantage over the other opponent.

For example, you have 3 queens, an extra Rooks and bishops etc. It might feel weird at first, but after few moves, the board looks like any other regular chess game. The game becomes more difficult as your opponent has more key players than you. Like the computer may have 2 queens, while you have just one. Overall, what I like about the game is, it helps you to break the stigma of regular chess. Real bad chess, on the other hand, demands a far better understanding of the game.

DroidFish Chess is based on a Chess Engine which is still like playing against a computer but a more advanced AI enabled with natural move-guessing algorithms. Droidfish is an interface for the Stockfish engine which is the king of all engines. The app has many features like clocks, analyze mode, Blindfold mode, support for third-party engines , etc. This app would give you a highly immersive and engaging experience playing against an AI. Based on Magnus Carlsen, the World Champion in Chess, this app lets you challenge a digital version of Magnus Carlsen — chess world champion.

You can play and qualify to actually play against the World Champion himself. The game now features only one player option but you can expect multiplayer support in the future. Probably the best looking Chess game in our list. Real Chess offers high-end 3d graphics and a fantastic gameplay. You can play against players online and chat with them. There are over one million users registered with the app.

The game offers beautiful graphics and you can choose between 2D and 3D Chess boards. Both over it comes up 2 times. In last two searches the 2 and 5 results all games are from the 90s and not recent games.

This can be valuable for some people who simply want to see what is played in any opening they know not necessarily a master openings. And as the reviewer says the high number of games give more credibility to the first few choices. However as you get into lines I wonder if by mixing some patzer games in the quality of the results could be less certain.

I dont want to boost d4 nf6 c4 e5. We are at games i think now and its a sort of ok sample size if you consider with both games over results of say 5 games are meaningful. Even with current technology its a bit time consuming but i can schedule it in over a longer time span to be a bit less tedious and not done in 5 days.

And this will keep me honest and help everyone in a similar situation. But the kings gambit i suspect needs a different treatment as its not a modern opening anymore. I may be mistaken in assuming chess opening pro is an internet database. Now having some experience with chess engine book building this can be ok if you have two books.

A white and black. The games show as moves only from the stronger players side such as if the is white as whites responses to a patzer but you never see blacks moves because they dont make the black book. In a single book situation its not so great to include patzer games against masters as their low rated responses get databased in in the same way as the strong responses to. I dont think its intentional.

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If this was a chess engine book it would be a flawed book. That is why its important in book building when building one book not a white and black both sides be strong. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Which chess app? Features An app dedicated to chess openings is only really as good as the database it uses.

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The volume and quality of the games are key factors to consider: For example: Practical use and presentation The app is well designed and easy to use. Developer support Chess Openings Pro is an app that is in active development with a history of regular releases. Simple to use Good visual presentation Large database of games Inclusion of chess engine for self-analysis Dislikes: These are my thoughts; if you have used this app what do you think…..

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