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Remember, remember, the first of the Note, the ICS release and plot I know of no reason why the Superbrick treason should ever be forgot. Older forum members and Android users of early Samsung devices may faintly recall the Superbrick fiasco. The events that lead up to Superbrick are long and complex.

Early Ports of Android Oreo Available for the Galaxy S6, Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 WiFi (2016)

For the sake of brevity, a tl;dr explanation is that a leaked ICS update for a few carrier variants of the Galaxy S2 i and of the Galaxy Note N caused a permanent brick. This was no ordinary hard brick, as an affected device could not be resurrected via a JTAG and was completely dead and unresponsive. The superbrick affected the eMMC of the device, and hence, repairs could only done with a complete motherboard change. You can find the beginning of this post series here. We highly recommend that readers take some time off and read the full series of posts to gather complete contextual awareness and understand the full gravity of the situation that happened back in To highlight a few important points, here are a few snippets with added emphasis from the posts:.

Bluetooth HID on these builds would not function with any source-built kernels — only with binaries associated with those builds.

Galaxy S II Unboxed the XDA Way

Samsung never released another Gingerbread source update for the I, even though their binaries showed clear evidence of a functional change to the source. These devices used an Atheros ARseries wifi chip. As Atheros holds full copyright to all components of their reference driver, this is legal. Samsung chose the BSD license for this driver. After getting I ICS firmware running on the I primarily by reverse-engineering the swapped mic channels on this device, which took most of a weekend of work… , it was obvious that Touchwizz reverted many of the benefits of ICS.

We thought Samsung would never let a horrible bug like this get into a released kernel, but we were wrong…. In addition they asked us not to distribute the solution and to redirect kernel developers looking for a solution to them! We were even offering to do the majority of the engineering and solution deployment ourselves, as long as Samsung just gave us some specific small components Dominik and Adam needed!

List of Android Pie (Android 9) ports for smartphones and tablets

Within a day, numerous reports of bricks had piled up. Despite claiming to be working diligently on this problem, instead, Samsung took a previously safe device and endangered it! I figured that as it shared an SoC with the I, it would be a fairly safe bet….

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Now that I had confirmed, both through the nonfunctionality of the wifi driver, and various string comparisons with the backed up stock kernel, that the released sources for any N80xx variant did NOT match the stock kernels all of them had the same broken wifi driver, and other people who were working with the sources complained about similar issues. I indicated that the Note Terms of Service.

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The Samsung Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II: A Device Reborn

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