Iphone freeze after cydia update

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If you reset the settings on your iPhone, it can fix this issue. This will reset the phone to the settings it had when it came out of the factory. It does not remove data like photographs, apps or contacts, but it does reset your general preferences in Notifications, General, Sounds, Touch ID, Brightness, and a few other features that can easily be changed back.

This should fix the problem going forward.

Before You Restore

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Case 2: Cydia not loading

Any suggestions? Or do I send it to the company to fix? I update whenever they ask. I contacted a geek but he could not help either. So hoping if you can help with email you can help with this. Love your site. If your iPhone is not stuck on the Apple logo you can transfer contacts from a SIM card with these instructions though http: Then I ran into a workshop and that man fixed the issue within half an hour by using a program called Mobiledic iOS System Recovery.

It sounds amazing. Well, 50 bucks was taken off, lol. Nice tips. I was in trouble with this problem of my iPhone 6s. I tried the Recovery mode and DFU mode, both of them are failed. But it cost me a little as well. Very useful tutorial,i had an iphone 5s that was stuck on the Apple logo, and so after i conected To itunes and performerd the update it resolved the problem. Thanks alot. I have forcibly restarted it and still does the same thing..

What should I do? My daughters iPhone 7 Plus was caught on logo screen — used the above restore option — worked like a charm — thank you for saving me a trip to the Genius Bar: Mine phone has not been the same after installing IOS11 Beta and trying it out. At this point, my phone does not function as it should. I am not able to use it any more. It is out of warranty by a month. I have gone to Apple three times where they told me that my phone is perfect according to their diagnostics They have restored it 3 times and I have had ATT install a new SIM chip.

IOS Beta broke my phone! They broke it! My iPhone 4S running on 5.

How to Fix Cydia Crashing on iPhone

A soft reboot hold down the power switch and home button simultaneously fixed it. Phone now seems to be working OK. Name required. I speak mostly of what's app conversations, photos, contacts, you know, the unreplacables. What can I do to save all that? It's still in warranty but abroad, and I don't know if it still applies to me here. Can you give me a hand?

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My phone is getting worse and I'm pretty desperate. I have a jailbroken iPhone5s running 7. I keep getting a variation of the message saying that the device cannot be found or apple is unable to verify. Please help, I'm ready to turn this one in and upgrade to the 6xl. That's a very strange thing to be happening, almost as if the device itself has been blacklisted by Apple. I can't really think what to suggest beyond DFU mode?

Apple needs to verify the device before it will download and install firmware, so you may be able to manually install from an. I had that problem. It was because I was trying to install a previous version of IOS. Apple blocks the updates of those after a while. You need to update to the latest version of IOS through itunes. Mark makes a great point. Apple stops "signing" old firmware, which means they won't allow old firmware onto a device once a newer version has been released.

This is to stop jailbreaking but also for security reasons, as many iOS updates patch up security holes that Apple doesn't want people opening again. I have the same problem as Mira! WHAT do i do. Your phone is likely fine and will come back to life soon enough. I pressed restore on my iPhone, not on the computer.

I did not plug in my phone to the computer. I did it all on my phone. What do I do??? You should be able to get your phone restored using this method. Hey you don't need to restore default just retire your apple device from a previous backup on iTunes then it will restring and will work the best. My iphone 4 is still in ios 5 because im too scared to update it on ios7. But i really want to update it but im scared it wont turn on again. I figured that part out, the ipsw i downloaded was wrong they are all mixed up on the page i went too.

But even when i downloaded the right one after the extraction i get Error "This device isn't eligible for the requested build". I am clicking on my apple computer alt and then restore. At what stage in the process do you get this error? What versions are you running? Are you hitting "Restore" or "Update" in iTunes? Did you try doing this in DFU mode read the "But my phone won't turn on!

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Any help? Is this during the initial revert to Apple's stock iOS, or afterwards while trying to restore a backup? Otherwise hold the power and home buttons together for seconds until you see the Apple logo, then release these. I'm curious. I jail broke my phone today. I've owned the phone for a month.

How to Fix CYDIA Not working after updating APT on iOS 11 - 11.1.2 JAILBREAK

But I just signed into iCloud today. Do all my contacts and photos save from when I first got the phone? You will not be able to use ota if your device is jailbroken modern jailbreak utilities disable this feature to prevent accidental upgrades resulting in the loss of the jailbreak. When I hit restore it then says restore and update but then does nothing I want to start fresh I am currently using ios 7.

I already backed up my jailbroken ipad to itunes so now what? Is it under warranty? If not then you have little to lose by simply hitting "Restore" in iTunes on the Summary tab for your device then restoring the backup you made once iOS has been reset. If i backed up my jailbroken iphone to my computer itunes will my contacts not go back to my iphone once i restore. Do you use iCloud? Contacts should transfer over iCloud when you login to your phone again after the restore. Also if you restore the backup you made, you'll have your contacts but also you might have some odd files in there that Apple could see and presume you've jailbroken, voiding your warranty.

I really wanna try to do the restore and reinstall stock iOS8 current version is 5.

Fix Package Errors in Cydia by Resetting Your Network Settings

I doubt there is any backup done before the jailbreaking.. Everything will slow down when you upgrade, but then again you'll be able to use new recent apps again too. If you mean "can I press Restore in iTunes and have it reinstall stock iOS 8 and take away my jailbreak" then yes, and you will be left with a "new" phone afterwards.

Ya that doesn't work just hitting restore because then it says restore and update then u hit that then it does nothing at all please help me. Will my contract be lost if i restart my iphone or will it still be connected to the iphone please help me i really dont want jailbreak any more. This won't be affected by your jailbreak at all.