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  • How to Save Facebook Photos from Android's Facebook App to SD Card;
  • To Download Any Single Photo.

Of all the browsers, Chrome has the best extension to grab Facebook albums. Ensky Album Downloader made it to our list of extensions to transform the Facebook experience 15 Extensions to Transform Your Facebook Experience 15 Extensions to Transform Your Facebook Experience From finding out who unfriended you to keeping to removing those annoying boxes in the sidebar, here are the 15 best extensions for a better Facebook. Read More , and for good reason. Do you hate Facebook's video interface?

Facebook Video Downloader

You don't have to suffer. There are quick and easy ways to download videos from Facebook. We tried several and the one that worked flawlessly every time, is super-simple to use, and works well on mobile browsers, is Filevid. The downloaded file is in MP4 format, which should be fine for most people. And some of them even offer extensions for browsers, which save you the trouble of copy-pasting the link.

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Downloading one video at a time, Filevid is your best bet. Yet another reason to ditch the battery-draining Facebook app! MyVideoDownloader requires access to your Facebook profile and photos to start. Once granted these permissions, it will go through your timeline and other interactions on the social network to find videos.

Cara Terbaru Simpan Video Facebook ke Galeri

Tap the Download button on one or more videos and the app will get to work. Like with photos, we went through several different tools across all the platforms and can only recommend the aforementioned options. Are you scared of Facebook losing your photos? Have you backed them up in any way? There are some nifty IFTTT recipes to automatically backup Facebook images, which will relieve any tension you might have. The solution? To do so, go to your Facebook settings. After opting in, you'll receive two emails, one acknowledging that Facebook received your request, and another that includes the file when it's ready.

Depending on how much content you've posted to Facebook—including photos, videos, text posts, and other forms of media—it might take some time for the file to be prepared. I've been on Facebook for over a decade, and my But I also haven't uploaded many photos or videos to the site. Once you have the file, you can download it as a folder to your desktop. Mine was labeled "facebook-louisematsakis.

The first piece of information you will want to look at is a file labeled index. Clicking on this file will open a tab within your browser, with a menu of options on the left-hand side. Under Profile , you'll find a list of basic information the site has about you, like the exact time you signed up for Facebook, the contact information you've provided, as well as any work or education history.

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  3. What to Look for in Your Facebook Data—and How to Find It.
  4. One surprising piece of information on this screen: Facebook keeps a list of everyone you've previously said you were in a relationship with. For me, this includes a bunch of my friends, because back in middle and high school, it was cool to declare you were in a relationship with a close friend. The list only includes three people I've actually dated. The very first person on the list is, inexplicably, my own cousin being 13 was weird, OK? The Photos tab contains every photo you've ever uploaded to the site, as well as related metadata, like the IP address from which each photo was uploaded.

    Scroll down, and you'll find a link to the facial recognition data that Facebook retains. If you click it, you can see your Example Count , which could be the number of photos Facebook used to train a machine learning algorithm to recognize your face. My Example Count is Facebook says this figure is "a unique number based on a comparison of the photos you're tagged in.

    We use this data to help others tag you in photos. One interesting note about photos: The Videos tab contained dozens of clips I posted to my friends' timelines when I was a teenager. It's impressive how much you can forget what you shared over the years; I was horrified to realize that Facebook had so many grainy videos of my face at 13, 14, and 15 years old.

    Also fun? If you recorded a video on Facebook but never actually posted it, Facebook still has it.

    How to Download Facebook Videos

    In the Friends tab you'll find every single one of your Facebook friends, as well as the date that you added each other. If you unfriended someone, and then re-added them later, they'll show up on this list twice. Head to the folder where you want to save it. Press "Copy here" or "move here". It doesn't matter which option you choose.

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    You're done. You can go to your gallery app now and your downloaded photo should appear there now. Method 2. Ensure that you have the official Facebook application. Log in. Long tap on the photo or picture. Select the option Save to Device. The picture or photo will be saved to your device.

    How to Download Facebook Videos - FBDOWN

    Search for directory "Facebook" on your device. Use an advanced file explorer such as "X-plore". When you find your file, long tap on it and select option "Share". Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.